We are looking for people who believe we can achieve something, Politicians aren´t able to – an united Europe!

We built this movement to change the way politics work. To create new ways of policy making and find the solutions we need, to solve the big problems of our time.

An European Nation would be the strongest player in international politics and could change the life of billions of people for the better. When Europe raises it´s voice, everyone will listen.

So let´s do this, let´s start this movement and connect each other to show politicians how powerful a connected Europe is.

Our Core Values

For us politics should work like sports. In sports you need fair play, you need to trust each other and you help your team no matter what. Teamwork makes the dream work. Let us change the dynamic of politics and the way it works.

Today everything happens fast and digital. But policy making is slow and uses the same mechanism since decades. In a globalized world, we must open ourselves for new modern processes. So everybody is able to participate in politics.

In a global network nothing can be done without an effect on others. It is time to go beyond our limited thinking and change the rules completely. In Europe we are one big community and we start to create a better world.

It is time to act!

The world doesn´t change by itself. If you want change, you have to act. It is your choice: you can sit and look how politics does their slow daily business or you can stand up and create a new one. Together we have the power to respond to chances instead to react on crisis. Instead of lose billions of Euros by bad political decisions, we can create prosperity by investing in efficitent infrastructure and innovation. Together we can live in a society build on progress and potentials and we are able to lead the world into a decade of working together and creating new ways of saving the planet and the people living on it. We decided for ourselves to not passively look how everything goes. Instead we focus on change and we are looking for people who share our optimism and thinkt that politics are doing not enough. Are you ready to go new ways and try new things? You doesn´t fear decisions and you want to act for the best possible? 

A good choice

We are building a network within Europe and invite everybody who shares our ideas and values. 

You will be heard. From day 1 you can bring in your own ideas and connect with the community.

We are not stopped by borders. Everybody world wide can connect with us, even when our focus starts on Europe.